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High school students attending their graduation in an auditorium

Your Thoughts And Questions About The Facilities Options Presented

Finance and Budget

"Whichever option we choose, we need to ensure it is cost effective and sustainable for the long run. Levies are difficult to pass and, if we do this wrong, we face the worst scenario - doing nothing and assuming the education of our kids won’t decline."

Prefer Option 1

"New high school seems to make the most sense. The high school holds the largest events and the most problems would be addressed with this plan."

Location Selection

"Keep the high school close to the stadium and sporting facilities. After-school program facilities should be close to the high school to allow for easy, walkable access by students to avoid students driving so much."

Class Size

"Small classroom size, room to grow long term, and cost containment are high priorities. Our students' best interests should be our priority as we look at this change."

Future Planning and Expansion

"The district needs to allocate enough room for not only current students but, the additional students coming in future years. We don't want to renovate now and then again in 10 years"

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